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Office Move

Moving to New Office: Phases

1. Supply of boxes and preparing each employee to the move. Collection of personal belongings into the boxes provided.

2. Packing the furniture and equipment by our team.

3. Transportation of your belongings to the new place.

4. Unloading, unpacking and placement of belongings according to the layout prepared by the customer in advance.

5. Taking the packaging material on the date of moving.

Moving to another office is an integral part of our ever-accelerating pace of life, as companies merge, demerge, the number of their employees increases, or they find a more favorable proposal on the market.

Our recommendations provided on a proficient move in due time result in a thought-out action plan.

The action plan is discussed ​​with the customer in advance.

Information required:

- timeframe for moving

- technical requirements for work of our team

- furniture & workplace layout

Optimum conditions imply possibility of using the elevator in the daytime and at any other time, parking lot near the entrance to the building, lack of large items.

If you place an order on moving, we are also happy to offer a special service on training your employees in correct preparation for the move.