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Customs formalities

Export/Import Customs Clearance.  Customs Clearance of Personal Belongings.

Any international move means crossing of several borders, and customs clearance.

In any transportation of personal goods, the latter pass at least two borders, i.e. in the country of departure and the country of arrival. It is the reason why we two packages of documents are prepared, i.e. for export customs clearance and for import one.

The packages of documents include a standard set of documents for departure from the Russian Federation. There are also fixed standards for many countries, but the country of arrival can have its own specifics.

The standard documents for entry into the country of destination include:

Copy of your passport

Document confirming your residence in the country of arrival, copy of residential lease contract, and a document of title.

The standard documents for departure from the Russian Federation include:

Copy of your passport

Visas (for foreign citizens)

Residence permit

Packing list to be executed during packing of your things with their listing and exact number of places required.