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Relocation of Antiques

Transportation of antiques is a special type of moving procedures both in Russia and from abroad. Today, when the borders are being extended, every person has an opportunity to purchase rare things in European antique markets.

As a result, you face the issues of export and registration of all these things. Our company specializes in this type of service as well.

  • Goods are prepared and packed more carefully; a detailed inventory of things, including their photos, check and specification from the place of purchase are prepared;
  • Preparation of shipping documents takes more time than for international move, especially if you have a lot of things. Our company will deals with all the formalities related to import authorizations. Old objects, fragile furniture, works of art, pictures, vases, domestic jewelry, kitchen utensils – all these things are packed and sent to Russia.

Our specialists will be happy to consult you on particularities of this type of move!

 As for antique things, the following packing is used:

Heavy-duty cardboard

Pictures are wrapped into film, and then into cardboard boxes;

Housewares are wrapped in thin paper, laid by additional sheets of paper with further fixing in a box;

Furniture articles, as well as during international moves, are packed into cardboard boxes; in special cases, the wooden boxes are also applied;

Our competent specialists will be glad to ensure safety and reliability of packing for any move both in Russia and abroad.