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Packing materials

Packing materials are the main component of any move (international moves, moves to another apartment, office or house).

Correctly chosen materials will ensure the safety of your things and move.

Almost every interior object requires a special packing material and a special method of packing. Our professionally trained team with a long-term experience in packing will define the best variant of packing to move your things.

All the materials are selected with regard to the mode of transportation, i.e. for air goods, sea containers or for sending by truck. Fragile things, such as glass table-tops, glass parts, decorative things, pianos, TV-sets, legs of tables and ancient furniture, are fastened separately.

Any expensive articles of clothing and footwear are wrapped into paper, especially in case of long-distance transportations abroad.

As for pianos, glass table-tops or plasma TV-sets, special wooden boxes are made at the discretion of the team-leader and at customer’s request.

 Safety of your goods depends on the correct packing, loading and distribution within the truck or container.

Our packing specialists have a vast and long-term experience; many of them have been trained abroad, and have a good experience of hundreds and thousands of moves.

Our team will do its best to make your move easy and comfortable as much as possible.

 We like our work, so it goes with a swing!